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How do I return goods?

If there are problems with any delivery, such as:
  • Damaged goods
  • Shortages/overages
  • Incorrect materials
All problems should be reported immediately and scheduled for return by completing the Stores Returns Form by clicking here.

Effective September 3, 2012, Express Shipping form will no longer be available. Please use CVS Shipping.

PRSM's goal is bring more value to the customer

Value Delivered
•  Connected business
•  Simplified, uniform
•  Level set expectations
•  Reliability and

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Identify potential security risks & hazardous materials and reduce campus trafficStreamlined Process & Internal ControlsTrained, courteus, skilled and knowledgeable delivery driversDiscounted or lower rates: supplier contracts & transporation, consolidated delivery, sustainable operations
Key Service Our Profile - Annually
  1. 170,000 package deliveries per year
  2. 15,000 warehouse orders full filled
  3. 2 million pieces of USPS mail and 11 million inter-campus
Value Added Services
  1. Intra-Library Delivery Network
  2. Delivery of UniPrint materials
  3. Delivery of Reserach essentials - Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen
  4. Process 5,000+ Customer Returns
  5. Receive 2,600 Customer service calls